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Learn music theory and train your ears to become a better musician.

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Become a
better musician.

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Understand the building blocks of music and how to put them together.


Build a foundation for jamming with other musicians.


Develop a sense of pitch and start playing the music you listen to.

Learn music
the smart way.

A few of the highlights… 

Learn How Music Works

Learn music theory using pictures, audio, and lots of interactive examples, not by reading pages of text.

Train Your Ears

Develop your ears with 20 types of exercises. Tap rhythms, sing melodies, identify chord progressions, and much more.

Practice The Smart Way

No need to keep track of what to practice. We automatically select questions to improve your weak spots.

Get Instant Feedback

Music Theory Tutor evaluates your timing and pitch to help you improve quickly. Just like a real human music teacher.

Use Your Instrument

What’s the point of studying music if you can’t play it? Use your voice or instrument to answer questions.

Track Your Progress

Watch yourself improve with regular exercises, tests, and statistics.

Music theory
made simple.

Learning should be fun. We believe that the best way to learn music theory is by experiencing music, not by reading pages of text. Our 450+ lesson course explains both simple and complex concepts using pictures, audio, and lots of examples.
14 Audiovisual
Music theory concepts are explained using pictures, audio, and lots of examples, not with pages of text.
14 Interactive
Lots of exercises and tests reinforce your knowledge along the way.
14 Complete
This is a full music theory course, designed for all levels: beginner to advanced.

A better way to
train your ears.

To truly understand music, you must learn to truly hear it — and that’s where ear training comes in.

Music Theory Tutor makes ear training easy by tracking your progress and automatically selecting questions that will challenge you the most. Best of all, you can sing or play your instrument to answer many of the questions.

Ear training is a core part of the music theory course, not an afterthought.  You will learn the skills required to recognize intervals, scales, chord progressions and so much more.
Our unique Intelligent Practice feature tracks your progress and automatically selects questions that will challenge you.
With 20 different types of exercises and thousands of questions, you’ll be able to master all the important ear training skills, covering rhythm, melody, and harmony.
Fun & Effective
Tap rhythms, sing or play melodies, and get instant feedback — just like praticing with a friend or a real music teacher.
Well-thought-out music training application… guides you through all essential music theory and ear training concepts.
George Popescu

Editor, Softpedia

This is a very, very cool tool for music teachers or any Mac user who wants to improve their singing or understanding of music
Natalia Nowak

Contributor, Mac360

I have been using this with my students for the past 6 months and they love it. The aural training exercises are fun and engaging.
Sandy Goldberg

Music Teacher, SGMS

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