Ear Training in
Music Theory Tutor

A core part of the music theory course.

Integrated learning.  Ear training is not an afterthought in Music Theory Tutor, it is a core part of the learning experience.  You will develop your ears as you learn music concepts.  This is how you would learn with a real live human teacher, except much cheaper!

World class exercises.  20 types of exercises and thousands of questions.  This is a very complete ear training application covering all essential skills.  Many of our students have used Music Theory Tutor to prepare for ear training exams in formal programs like TMEA/TMAC (US), RCM (Canada), ABRSM (UK),  and AMEB (Australia).

Instant feedback.  Music Theory Tutor uses advanced pitch and rhythm detection algorithms to evaluate your playing or singing and provide instant feedback!

Practice the smart way.  Our unique Intelligent Practice feature tracks your progress and automatically selects exercises and questions that will challenge you. Feel like practicing something specific?  Just select the exercises you want and a number of questions.  Music Theory Tutor will instantly create a personalized practice session every time.

Find your rhythm.  Learn to feel the beat, recognize time signatures, imitiate simple and complex rhythms, and so much more.

Develop relative pitch.  Develop a sense of pitch, recognize scales and intervals, play meldodies by ear, and so much more.

Feel  harmony.  Recognize all common chord types. Learn how to create and recognize chord progressions, and so much more.

Track your progress.  View statistics to see how well you are doing and how you improve over time.

You might wonder why an application named Music Theory Tutor has so much ear training.  It’s kind of a funny story.

When we started designing the software in 2010, we wanted to build a better ear training application, one that didn’t just have practice drills but actually taught skills necessary to develop a sense of rhythm, pitch, and harmony.  So, we added some music theory lessons, and then a few more, and so on.  Eventually we ended up with hundreds of lessons, covering all the important music theory topics… and thus Music Theory Tutor was born.


Let’s have a look at some of the exercises.

Rhythm Exercise Intro

Rhythm Exercise

Rhythm Exercise Outcome

Chord Identification Exercise Intro

Chord Identification Exercise

Chord Identification Exercise Outcome

Daily Practice: Intelligent

Daily Practice: Custom

Practice Intro

The Exercises

Here is the full list


Beat Tapping
Learn to feel the fundamental music pulse by tapping a regular beat.

Note Tapping
Tap differnent notes / subdivisions against a fundamental beat.

Rhythm Sight Tapping
Tap the rhythm of a melody while viewing its score.

Rhythm Imitation
Listen to a melody and then tap its rhythm without seeing the score.

Meter Recognition
Identify the meter / time signature after listening to a melody.


Pitch Comparison
Listen to two pitches and identify the higher or lower one.

Pitch Singing
Listen to a note and then sing it.  This is a very basic but important exercise.

Motion Recognition
Listen to a melody and determine it’s direction or contour.

Scale Recognition
Listen to a scale and then name it!

Melodic Interval Recognition
Identify the interval of two pitches played one after another.

Harmonic Interval Recognition
Identify the interval of two pitches played at the same time.

Interval Singing
Listen to an interval and then sing it.

Sight Singing
Sing or play a melody while viewing its score.

Melody Imitation
Listen to a melody and then sing or play it without seeing the score.


Arpeggio Singing
Listen to an arpeggio and then sing or play it.

Chord Recognition
Listen to a chord and then identify it.

Inversion Recognition
Listen to a chord inversion and then identify it.

Cadence Recognition
Listen to a cadence and then identify it.

Chord Progression Dictation
Listen to a chord progression and then identify the individual chords and inversions.

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