So, what is it anyway?

Music Theory Tutor is the evolution of Ear Teacher, an integrated music theory and ear training application that we launched more than a year ago.  Over the past year, we worked hard on building out the music theory component and ended up with, what we believe, is a complete learning environment for music education.

In short, Music Theory Tutor is what we always wanted music education software to be:

  • Fun, not boring.
  • Audiovisual, not text-heavy.

With Music Theory Tutor, you can:

  • Learn music theory, from beginner to advanced.
  • Improve your musical ear.
  • Learn new skills step by step.
  • Practice while you learn.
  • Sing or play your instrument to answer questions.
  • Take tests and track your progress.
  • So much more…

Are you ready to start learning?

Ready to start learning?

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